What’s in Class This Week?

A new series called What’s in Class This Week will provide you with an intro to what I’m currently teaching at AFNA! If you see something you like, contact Roger for an invitation to join our class, or schedule a campus tour today! If you’ve already graduated, you are always welcome back to audit your favorite classes!

FNT 130 – The Science of Exercise

The last few weeks have been focused on muscular anatomy. Arguably one of the most important elements of being a personal trainer, muscular anatomy covers all of the primary muscles a personal trainer targets during workout sessions. In this unit, we explore how each muscle interacts with another during various movements, breaking them down by which joint and plane are being targeted.

While there are over 600 muscles in the human body, we focus on approximately 100 of the largest and most commonly used ones. As such, we also focus on the muscles’ origins and insertions to observe how they move and what their line of pull is. For example, the pectoralis major is a large muscle that spans the region of the chest. Specifically, the pectoralis major starts (originates) on the clavicle, the sternum, and the cartilage of the upper ribs. Conversely, the pectoralis major ends (inserts) on the bicipital groove of the humerus. Therefore, the pectoralis major’s line of pull can be both horizontal, as well as vertical.

With this information, a diligent trainer can observe the various functions of the pectoralis major and be sure to find exercises that will stimulate the muscle in each of it’s capable functions.

Next Week’s Class

The upcoming week will see the end of Lesson 4: The Muscular Anatomy System, and student’s will be preparing for a midterm. Following that week, we begin to learn about the cardiovascular system in detail, breaking down the different components of the pulmonary and cardiac muscles, as well as tracing the flow of blood. And that’s just the start! The rest of the quarter will feature the exercise physiology trainers need to prepare program training protocols for their athletes!

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