First Week Down

After our first full week at AFNA, we’ve been through a couple lessons, a quiz, and our first assignment! And it only gets better! In this quarter, we continue to venture into Corrective Exercise Protocols. This past week, we explored how the nervous system can store faulty movement patterns. From there, we saw how daily postures and lifestyle ergonomics can also impact movement quality. So what do we do?

The Corrective Exercise Protocol

In some sense, the corrective exercise protocol is quite simple. We start with an assessment to figure out what and where the problem lies. It could be said that the assessment may be the most challenging part. But from here, we can identify which muscles are overactive and tight. With some inhibition techniques, we can decrease the neural drive to the muscle and move onto lengthening it. Using various stretching techniques, the overactive muscle is lengthened to a normal resting length. We also need to identify which opposing muscles are weak. Those muscles need to be strengthened so they can help restore functional posture. Finally, the last piece of the puzzle is reintegration. Afterall, the most important component of corrective exercise is, in fact, correcting their exercise.

See You Next Week

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