A Recap

Last week, classes were canceled on Tuesday and Wednesday after the sudden loss of my dog. These classes will be made up later in the week to allow our Flex Learning Hours to work as intended. In the prior week, we had finished Lesson 4 on Movement Assessments.

Movement Assessments

We’ve explored a variety of ways to assess a client’s movement. For example, the Plumb Line Assessment uses vertical postural assessments to explore potential deviations from a normal posture. Additionally, the Wall Test is another assessment used to quickly examine if there are potential abnormalities of the spinal curvature. Finally, we explored the use of the Overhead Squat Assessment. In doing so, we saw how different compensations show up in the event of muscular imbalances. These muscular imbalances provide the trainer with potential solutions to help correct and overcome the compensations seen during the assessment.


In the next few lessons, we will focus on Lower Body dysfunctions and explore some possible exercise protocols as potential solutions to help correct and overcome these dysfunctions. To start, we explore the common Lower Crossed Syndrome as one of the most prevalent dysfunctions in today’s society. Following the LCS, we will look at a few of the movement compensations from the Overhead Squat Assessment and the various exercises recommended to help correct the compensations.

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