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No Loan Necessary.

AFNAgrayThe Best Value in Fitness Education.

 The prospect of a student loan can be intimidating. For this reason, AFNA maintains low student tuition costs without sacrificing superior educational value across all our career fitness programs. To learn the cost of AFNA’s vocational programs, download the school catalog or schedule a date to visit the school.

For domestic students whose budgets don’t allow for a full tuition payment upon enrollment, AFNA offers several zero (0) percent interest installment plans to cover the cost of tuition over time -  all without the need of a student loan. All zero percent installment plans require a minimum initial payment of 34% of program tuition, and tuition must be paid in full prior to the scheduled program completion date.

If you believe you may qualify for Veterans Education Benefits like the GI Bill or MyCAA, click here.

Why saddle yourself with unnecessary debt? Choose AFNA for right-priced education.

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