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Study Fitness, Nutrition, and Yoga in Southern California!

AFNAgrayAFNA is approved to issue the Non-Immigrant Form I-20 for the M-Visa.

The American Fitness and Nutrition Academy (AFNA) has been approved by the United States Department of Homeland Security to enroll international students interested in career fitness training programs. The school is located in Pasadena, California in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Region. We are just 10 miles north of Downtown Los Angeles at the foot of the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains! The Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach are 30 minutes away by car - traffic permitting!

For a checklist of everything you’ll need for admission to AFNA - and to obtain your M-1 Student Visa, click here.

AFNApatchNEXT START DATES |Class Sizes Are Limited - Don't Delay!
Fitness and Nutrition Trainer Day Academy: January 2, 2019
Fitness and Nutrition Trainer Weekend Academy: January 4, 2019

M-1 Student Visa: Study AND Work in the USA
M-1 Student Visa: Study AND Work in the USA

Under the terms of the ‘M’ Visa, students may enter up to one month before the beginning of their education program and remain in the United States up to one month following their program completion. A student’s stay in the United States may be extended if they wish to work - and are able to find employment - in a field related to their education at the school.

International AFNA graduates are eligible to remain in the United States and work for a maximum of 10-12 weeks following the successful completion of their program. The school does not guarantee employment for international students. If you are interested in this option, additional approvals must be obtained so please let us know as soon as possible.

Interested? Don't Delay!

It can take time for the United States to process your student visa request. If you know what program (or programs) you’d like to enroll in and have a start date in mind, please apply. There are no fees to apply and with the information you provide, an AFNA admissions advisor will discuss enrollment options with you and guide you through the M-1 visa application process.


/Interested? Don't Delay!