Fitness and Wellness Students
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Adaptive, modern education for successful career outcomes.

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The Student Experience

Through context-based learning, hands-on training, outstanding instruction, and employer/student networking opportunities, AFNA has earned its reputation as the best value in fitness and wellness career education.

What are your career and lifestyle goals? At AFNA, we want to hear what you have to say and shape your passion into a viable and rewarding career.

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Dario Lozano

“I have built a successful personal training business with the education and certification I received from AFNA. Years later, I continue to apply what I learned on a daily basis.”

Dario Lozano

Diploma Personal Trainer Graduate

Heath Adam Ackley

“AFNA helped me re-establish my teaching career and build a foundation to share my personal yoga practice safely and professionally as a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 instructor.”

Heath Adam Ackley

Yoga Teacher Academy Graduate

Brandi Stoessel

“If you want to learn from the best and get all the hands on experience this is the place to go! I graduated from this program and I will say I’m more than prepared to start my new career in personal training!!!”

Brandi Stoessel

Christopher Thompson

“AFNA is an awesome school for training to be a Fitness Trainer or other goal you might have…It’s a great base to set your Career on”

Christopher Thompson

Education That Meets The Mark.

To understand how much education you’ll need, answer this question: How serious are you about a career in fitness and wellness?  Remember, a career is not a job that you do for a few months and then move on. A career is committing 100% to building a solid income foundation in your chosen industry and seeking advancement and growth for years to come!

At AFNA, you will Learn By Doing. There is no substitute. Ready to learn more?

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