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Personal Trainer School Serving Greater Los Angeles

The American Fitness and Nutrition Academy is located in Pasadena, California -  just fifteen minutes from downtown Los Angeles and accessible from anywhere in the greater Los Angeles region. In Pasadena's exciting South Lake District, we are a half-mile walk from the Metro Goldline Lake Avenue Station. Schedule to meet an admissions representative in person or over the phone, but don't delay! Class sizes are limited.

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/Superior Fitness Education
Superior Fitness Education

What is a Personal Trainer School and how is it superior to certification alone?

Since 2009, the American Fitness and Nutrition Academy (AFNA) has been “training the trainers” and helping our graduates secure fitness employment at upper echelon commercial athletic clubs, private training facilities, group exercise boutiques, physical therapy clinics, resorts, and even cruise ships.

AFNA is a state-licensed, nationally accredited institution whose purpose it is to supply the fitness industry with highly qualified personal trainers, group exercise instructors, and yoga teachers.

Elite Certification AND Hands-On Training

Certification alone does not make you a fitness trainer.

The fact is, a person can become certified as a personal trainer or a yoga teacher without ever lifting a dumbbell or correcting a single client’s postural alignment.The only thing that certification represents is passing a multiple choice exam.

A successful career in fitness starts with context-based learning, hands-on training, and outstanding career placement service. Choose AFNA and experience everything we have to offer!

/Elite Certification AND Hands-On Training