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What Is Your Fitness Earning Potential?

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Paying too much for your fitness education can chain you to long-term debt and endanger your career longevity. But paying too little can also amount - and usually does - to a big waste of money. Online "self-certification" and self-study programs do not prepare you adequately to enter a competitive field and earn a living as a fitness trainer.

There is no substitute for the context-based learning and hands-on training that only AFNA can offer.

greenarrowAccording to most education finance experts, the total cost of your education should be less than your first year of estimated salary.

AFNA maintains low student tuition costs without sacrificing superior educational value across all our career fitness programs. To learn the cost of AFNA’s vocational programs, download the school catalog or schedule a date to visit the school.

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/Set Realistic Goals For First Year Fitness Earnings
Set Realistic Goals For First Year Fitness Earnings
A realistic starting fitness salary is based on two factors:
  • Reported Salaries From Working Fitness Trainers
  • Your Personal Career Strategy

Consider median salary data for fitness trainers as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. See below.

Next, consider your own first year goals. Will you seek part-time, full-time, or self-employment? Best earning outcomes usually come from full-time employment.

Median Fitness Salaries
2014 California Median Salary for Fitness Trainers
  • $22.17/hour
  • $46,120/yearly

2014 Nationwide Median Salary for Fitness Trainers

  • $16.82/hour
  • $34,980/yearly

For more detailed information, visit The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Information Network.

/<a name="salary"></a>Median Fitness Salaries
/Build Your Client Base
Build Your Client Base

New fitness trainers typically earn a lower salary during their first one to three months of employment. As with every service industry, It takes time to establish a client base.

At AFNA, we teach you how to find and keep clients. Our job placement services focus on helping you identify great opportunities to start - and to build - your fitness career.