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AFNA’s administrative and academic affairs are guided by the insights and recommendations of its Advisory Board. The Advisory Board meets at least once annually to discuss general trends in fitness education and employment and specific topics that directly impact the operations, academic affairs, and student experience at the American Fitness and Nutrition Academy.

Current members of AFNA’s Advisory Board are:

Tom Boland, BA, ACSM-CPT, AFNA Director
Nick Keeling, MS Exercise Science
Phil Dozois, Owner of Breakthru Fitness
Hannah Park, Fitness Manager, Equinox Athletic Clubs
David Hanson, AFNA Alumnus, Equniox Asst. Fitness Manager
Brandon Kelchner, AFNA Alumnus, Fitness Manager, 24 Hour Fitness
Roger DeLaCruz, AFNA Alumnus, Fitness Manager, 24 Hour Fitness

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Fitness and Nutrition Trainer: February 27, 2019
Yoga Teacher: March 18, 2019