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What degree or certification do I receive when I finish my education at AFNA?

Personal Trainers: For AFNA’s Fitness and Nutrition Trainer Academy, successful graduates receive a state-recognized Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition Training. Students are also expected (but not required) to take the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer Exam at no added expense to them.

Yoga Teachers: Students who enroll in AFNA’s Yoga Teacher Training Academy receive a Certificate of Completion for Yoga Teacher Training. AFNA’s Yoga Program meets all the requirements for the Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) credential. Students are eligible to register for this credential upon presenting their Certificate of Completion and transcript records to the Yoga Alliance.

When does my AFNA Diploma or Certificate of Completion expire?

Your AFNA Diploma or Certificate of Competetion never expires. Unlike certifications, you are provided a permanent record of your program participation in the form of a state-approved transcript and a Diploma or Completion Certificate. Similar to a degree program, these records are permanently available either at the school or state level. Renewal is not required.

How long do AFNA career fitness programs take to complete?

The Diploma Fitness and Nutrition Trainer Academy is 600 Clock Hours in duration and can be completed full-time in eight months.

The Yoga Teacher Training takes 10 weeks to complete for a total of 180 clock hours. Part-time options exist to complete in 20 or 30 weeks.

To find out the next program start dates and course schedules, please download the AFNA school catalog.

Does the school offer Financial Aid?

Yes. AFNA is a Title IV eligible insititution with the Department of Education. Please contact our Financial Aid Office to determine the right funding strategy for you.

AFNA is also approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs to enroll military personnel, active service member spouses, and dependents using GI Bill benefits, MyCAA benefits, and others.

If you think you may be eligible to receive VA education beneifts, please click here.

How much do AFNA Programs Cost?

AFNA offers superior value for your education dollar. We believe our graduates should be focused on building their career incomes in the months and years following graduation, not overburdening themselves with student loan debt. For a full listing of AFNA’s program prices, download the AFNA school catalog. Please also contact ouf Financial Aid Office to determine your federal student aid package.

How large are the class sizes?

AFNA maintains a minimum 20:1 student-teacher ratio to optimize student-teacher interaction. AFNA classes are taught in live classroom and open fitness floor settings.

Does AFNA offer online training?

No. AFNA is not an online school. AFNA considers hands-on training to be a critical component of any worthwhile fitness education.

Does AFNA accept GI Bill, MyCAA, and other VA Education Benefits?

Yes. For more information, click here.

Is the school part of the Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEV-P)?

Yes. AFNA is authorized to issue the Form I-20 for eligible international students to enter the United States and enroll in a career fitness program. For more information, click here.



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