High Blood Pressure is one of the most common modifiable risk factors for heart disease and stroke for women.

Did you know? 

  • Approximately, 1 in 2 adult women in the US have elevated blood pressure, > 120/80.

  • Physical activity can help to prevent and control blood pressure by strengthening the heart, contributing to a healthy weight, and reducing stress.

ACSM Recommendations for physical activity to combat High Blood Pressure:

How much?

150 minutes a week (30 min X 5 days = 150 minutes) of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous physical activity

Which Activities?

Activities that increase your breathing and heart rate

  • Fast walking

  • Cycling

  • Stair climbing

  • Household chores

Which strategies help women stay active?

  • Self monitoring using wearable devices or smart phone apps to track progress

  • Social Support: train with family members, a friend or take a group class

Download the ACSM Infographic: https://www.acsm.org/docs/default-source/files-for-resource-library/stay-active-to-reduce-blood-pressure-infographic.pdf?sfvrsn=c97c9518_2

Check out the ACSM website for more important Heart Health Content: https://www.acsm.org/read-research/resource-library/resource_detail?id=62e2e09d-6efd-478d-b820-28faf2ae8cdd