It’s time to revisit our plans made over a year ago and put them into action.

Perhaps your sights have changed or maybe you feel a little lost. No one could have guessed that our lives would be so radically altered. The impact of 2020 threw many of us of coarse but now is not the time to mourn over lost time. Now is the time to engage and put into motion all the plans and intentions that we set for our lives.


It's Time for Growth

The lockdown has been rough for so many of us. We have had loss, disapointment, and distance. Our lives and our plans were all put on hold. 2020 was like a world wide winter and today we awake to the spring. 

Remember your goal setting skills.

Dream BIG!

Set your sights on a goal.

Make your goal SMART.

  • Specific – Make sure you know exactly what you want.


  • Measurable – How will you measure your success?


  • Action Oriented – Make a plan (write it down). This should include things you will do each week in pursuit of what you want.


  • Realistic – Consider the journey. Think about the road ahead and be honest with yourself about obsticles or struggles you might encounter, and make a plan to overcome and perservere.


  • Timely – Set a date, sometimes the pressure of a date is what we really need to call us into action. Saying I will do something isn’t good enough, that implys some tiem before your dead. Do yourself a favor and set a date.