Context-Based Learning, Hands-On Training, Outstanding Education Value.

AFNAgrayAFNA students come from all walks of life. Some are entering the workforce for the first time, eager to pursue an exciting career in a thriving industry, while others want to abandon a desk-based occupation in favor of a career that promotes their own fitness and well-being. Still others have overcome health adversity and want to inspire clients into an active and nutritious lifestyle.

What's your fitness story? At AFNA, we want to hear what you have to say and shape your passion into a viable and rewarding career.

Through context-based learning, hands-on commercial athletic club training, outstanding instruction, and the oppportunity for students to network among themselves and with other fitness professionals, AFNA has earned it's reputation as the best value in fitness trainer education.

Class sizes are limited to just 20 students for the Fitness and Nutrition Trainer Academy and 12 students for Yoga. Don't delay! Schedule your orientation and reserve your spot today.

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Fitness and Nutrition Trainer: February 26, 2020
Day and Evening Classes Open Now!

/Ready To Become A Fitness Trainer
Ready To Become A Fitness Trainer?

In just eight months you can graduate from AFNA with an education, degree of experience, and ready-set-go confidence that sets you apart.

Want to add Yoga? Our 10-week Intensive Yoga Alliance Approved program can get you there, too.

AFNA is not a self-study program or an online school. Your classes are taught by attentive, charismatic instructors who possess top industry credentials and years of experience in the fitness profession.

Our focused fitness trainer classes, combined with instructor-supervised hands-on exercise training, prepare you for success like no other career fitness school can.

Fitness Education That Meets The Mark.

To understand how much education you’ll need to become a personal trainer or yoga teacher, answer this question: How serious are you about a career in fitness? A career is not a job that you do for a few months and then move on. A career is committing 100% to building a solid income foundation in a promising industry, and seeking advancement and growth for years to come.

By itself, Fitness Trainer Certification is not enough to begin your fitness career. Hands-on program design and exercise (proper form) experience is also an absolute must - but still that’s not all. Learn more about your Fitness Education requirements here.

/Fitness Education That Meets The Mark.